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4 Holiday Essentials for a Memorable Koh Samui Trip

April 5, 2020
Samui Palm Beach Resort

Travel needs preparation. Without the appropriate tools and equipment, you’ll find yourself not thoroughly enjoying the experience. It would be best if you make a list of things to bring on your Koh Samui holiday! When you make a list, it’s missing anything if you see it still not ticked in your checklist. 

In this article, we’ll talk about four essentials that will make your Koh Samui vacation more memorable:

Essential #1: Essential Documents

Before leaving your house, make sure that all your essential documents are with you. No trip is possible when you leave your passport or tickets. Also, remember to bring vouchers for accommodation and insurance papers. Without these pieces of documents, you’ll find yourself more miserable in what should have been a carefree and relaxing holiday.

Planning to settle longer than one month in Samui? Be sure to apply for a visa, or you may risk getting deported! Know that you can always keep electronic scans of documents in case you misplace or damage them. 

Essential #2: First Aid Kit

In every travel, first aid kits are crucial in making your trip more enjoyable in case any unwanted situation occurs. Also, you should carry various medications if you unexpectedly fall ill. For example, eye drops or nasal sprays are excellent at relieving the dryness caused by the airplane’s dry environment. 

Every traveler takes medications of the first necessity, which may be needed in different situations. For example, during the flight, you might need eyes or nasal drops because the air in the airplane is arid. 

A trip to Koh Samui will be more pleasant if you have medications against food poisoning and allergies. Keep in mind that some of the local foods can cause gas or an allergic response to tourists who are not used to the particular cuisine of the country. Although there are pharmacies on the island, it will save you time and money when you have your own medication.

Even if you plan to stay for a long duration, first aid kits are still vital because you have to adapt to the environment first. These medical aids are essential in fighting unwanted incidences while you’re still getting used to life here. If you have specific health problems, make sure that you consult with your primary doctor before the trip so that they can give advice on which medicines are necessary for you to pack.

Essential #3: Sunscreen 

The sun on Koh Samui Island shines strong, which can have adverse effects on your delicate skin. It is best if you pick a sunscreen that offers the highest level of protection, and remember to apply it frequently. Invest in reef-safe sunscreens to help preserve marine life because traditional options contain toxic substances that can harm sea creatures.

Essential #4: Hygiene Kit with Airline Guideline

Your toiletries should meet airport standards to ensure that you get to carry them to your destination; otherwise, they’ll get confiscated. It would be best if you transferred larger hygiene products to smaller bottles with a volume lower than 100 ml if you don’t have a baggage allowance. 


A long-awaited holiday to Koh Samui will be pleasant and care-free when you pack all the essentials that we have listed above. If you want to enhance your trip by staying at a beachfront hotel, get in touch with Samui Palm Beach Resort and book your stay today!